Our Mission & Vision

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stamry_card_frontOur Mission

We proclaim, witness, and spread the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ according to the faith and tradition of the Orthodox Christian Church for all in Pawtucket and surrounding communities.

To accomplish this, we live a full liturgical and spiritual life; we teach and lead by example; we share love and fellowship; we grow together through respect, discipleship, stewardship, and education; we continually evangelize and reach out to others.

Our Vision

  1. The parish of St. Mary is committed to the spiritual growth and participation of its parishioners in the life of the Church.
  2. The parish of St. Mary will demonstrate in its relationships and in its programs the Lord’s call to love one another as He has loved us.
  3. The parish of St. Mary will serve its parishioners and its community through the development and implementation of outreach programs to those in need, the elderly, and the greater community.
  4. The parish of St. Mary is committed to identify and implement ways to engage the teens and the young adults in the various aspects of parish life.
  5. The parish of St. Mary will identify, develop and implement strategies that enhance its financial stability.