Middle Eastern Foods and Pastries

Traditional Middle Eastern cuisine is flavorful and can consist of mixed vegetables, seasoned American lamb meat, fresh grape leaves, and gourmet rice. It is usually enjoyed with a side of imported yogurt (Laban) or a chickpea, sesame seed, and garlic-based food dip (Hummus).


Our made-to-order foods are served as meal combinations and are also available for bulk purchase. All entrées are served with a side of gourmet Arabic rice, fresh Syrian bread, and fattoush, a fresh vegetable salad. Here are descriptions for each menu item:

Middle Eastern Salad Bar- A traditional mix of chickpeas, beets, hummus, tabooleh, and more

Shish Kabob Entrée (Lahum Mishwee)- Your choice of seasoned American lamb with onions, fresh tomatoes, green peppers, and yellow peppers that are grilled and presented on a skewer

Kabob Mishwee Entrée- American lamb hamburg that is seasoned, grilled, and served hot

Kibbee Entrée- Freshly baked ground lamb tenderloin that is seasoned and stuffed with onions, a savory mixture of lamb hamburg, pine nuts, and Middle Eastern pomegranate juice

Kibbee Nayyeh- Fresh ground lamb mixed with salt and pepper, wheat (bulghur), and a hint of All Spice, then dipped in olive oil and served with fresh vegetables

Sfeeha Entrée- A Syrian meat pie made with American lamb hamburg that is mixed with Old World spices, diced onions, pine nuts, and lemon juice, mounted on gourmet bread dough and baked to perfection

Sfeeha (single)- See Sfeeha entrée above for description


Middle Eastern Wraps

Both meat and vegetarian options

Yabrak Entrée- Native grown grape leaves, stuffed with seasoned lamb and rice, and marinated in fresh lemon juice and garlic

American Spring Leg of Lamb Roast- Savored with Middle Eastern spices

Sa See Jaw Entrée- Savory Syrian sausage

Mujaddara Entrée- A delicious mix of cooked lentils, rice, and roasted onions sautéed in vegetable oil

Syrian Cheese- Sheep’s milk mixed with black cumin and Mahlab (spice made from cherry seed), and “stretched” during the cooling process to produce fine strips

Zaatar- Grilled, spiced gourmet dough


Signature Pastries

Baklawa- A phylo/puff pastry dough that is rolled, stuffed with walnuts, baked, and drizzled with homemade syrup

Maamool with Dates- Homemade pastry dough stuffed with dates, shaped by hand, baked, and sprinkled with powdered sugar

Maamool with Walnuts- Homemade pastry dough stuffed with walnuts, shaped by hand, baked, and sprinkled with powdered sugar

Namoora- An eggless cake made with blanched almonds, sweetened with honey, and literally served fresh-out-of-the-oven

Ka’ak- Cookies made of sweet dough

Graybeh- Butter cookies

Saint Mary’s Famous Cashews- Freshly-roasted, salted cashews. Back by popular demand!

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American Foods

A variety of popular American foods – Italian meatball subs, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and more – will be available as well.

American Pastries

Apple cider
Hot chocolate
Chocolate chip cookies
Lincoln Creamery ice cream cakes